Source of the germ found in the Heider hospital

At the end of January, a newborn had died in the premature intensive care unit in the Heider West Coast Clinic (WKK). According to the doctors, it had probably been infected with a gastrointestinal germ. Disinfection of the premature intensive care unit is now complete and the source of the germ has also been identified.

Gastrointestinal germ was in the sink

WKK employees had started looking for the source of the germ, which the doctors share in the responsibility for the death of the baby. The specialist in internal medicine, Christiane Sause, is also responsible for hospital hygiene at the WKK. In an interview with NDR Schleswig-Holstein, she explained: “This Serratia germ is a germ that likes to be in moist environments. There are many options, including water systems in bathrooms.” And that’s where he was found – in the siphon of a washbasin, the doctor says.

Hydrogen peroxide kills germs

The rooms of the preemie intensive care unit were disinfected with hydrogen peroxide under computer control.

Experts from a specialist company in North Rhine-Westphalia also nebulized the rooms of the premature baby’s intensive care unit with hydrogen peroxide. This has a strong disinfectant effect and also leaves no residue. Dr. Christiane Sause: “We decided to do this because we really want to be absolutely on the safe side”, in order to exploit every possibility to remove even the smallest residues of bacteria.

Admission free until the end of February

Seven children are still on the ward. They carry the germ in them. According to the WKK, they are doing well. The admission stop still remains. According to a clinic spokesman, premature babies are to be admitted to the West Coast Clinic in Heide from the beginning of March.

Source from German public radio and television broadcaster:,fruehchen284.html